“I love that it helps us to do our job. And it’s easy. I can’t wait to see this everywhere and to see hairdressers thrive because of it.”

— Tabatha Coffey, Celebrity Hairstylist, Salon Owner & star of Bravo TV


“piiq has been revolutionary to my career. It’s seamless and makes my job so much easier.”

— Andrew Cobeldick, 2018 New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year


“piiq is a very cool tool to wow your guests. We’ve been using it in the Salon for around 4 months, and it keeps getting better and better with each update. Our guests are really enjoying the piiq consultation, and it’s taken our consultation to another level.”

— Kate Henderson, Elysium Hair, Brisbane


“Our Clientele are having a great time learning more about themselves with this technology and at least 2/3 of our Clientele are now moving in new directions with their hair and having changes they never had the confidence in doing so before!”

— C+T, CT Salon, Western Australia