FAQ and other useful stuff

How much does Piiq cost?

Piiq can be cost neutral to your salon. If it helps you sell one extra product every 2 days, then the monthly payments are negated by the increased profit from sales. There’s no upfront cost to the salon. Similar to a mobile phone plan, you simply agree to a 2 year contract that includes all hardware, software and support in a simple monthly payment. payments vary depending on the number of pods you install.talk to your area manager or get in touch for specific pricing.

Does Piiq integrate with my salon software?

Piiq is fully integrated with Kitomba and we are working with the major suppliers of salon software systems to integrate in time for launch. A push to your software supplier might help expedite things...

How big is the mirror?

Piiq ’s patented digital mirror is 600mm wide and 900mm high. Each mirror comes with an attached, custom built 8" tablet .

How do we install Piiq?

Piiq comes with 3 systems for installation.
1 - a base stand for bench top mounting
2 - a wall mount system
3 - a track and wire hanging system

Do we have to remove our existing mirrors?

Piiq is a digital mirror. It is recommended that you replace your salon mirrors with Piiq to ensure that your clients are experiencing the highest level of consultation and retail recommendation and to full take advantage of any future updates.
however, piiq is designed as a seamless mirror, so you can temporarily install it in front of your existing mirrors, until such time as you can remove your existing mirrors and install piiq in their place.

I love the concept, can i get it in a different size/shape?

It’s like Henry Ford said - ‘you can have any colour car you want as long as it is black’...
Piiq is an extremely high tech piece of equipment, with a number of U.S design patents. It has been designed for optimum performance. It currently comes as a 600mm x 900mm digital mirror with an attached 8" tablet.